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Full Version: currently want to expand on my team for a Dark Arthurian 2D Platform Game
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Hello i'm a c# programmer that is fairly proficient in Unity and in the c# language. Any profit gained from the game will be distributed based on rev-share (revenue sharing). The type of game we are working on is a 2D platformer adventure game.  If you have any question or you want to join the team  please contact me via DM or for a faster response contact me at my gmail

we currently have a composer, programmers(2),game designer, level designer, and 2D artist for the 2D platform game

Current Roles Available:
Game Writer 1
Lead Artist 1
Artist 1
Game Designer(design) 1
Programmer 1 (C# Unity)
UI Artist 1
QA Tester 2 to 3
SFX Artist 1
VFX Artist 1
Dialogue Writer 1
Level Designer 1
2D rigging / Animator 1

Position slot may change (Increase or decrease) 
Thank you all Cheers