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[REVSHARE] Lead Programmer wanted to take point in game development
Hello, and thanks for your time. I come from a business background with limited exposure to actual game development. I am looking for an ambitious and talented individual to take point and help put the pieces together.

Lead Programmer Responsibilities
1) Set programming schedule by generating tasks
2) Generate code to complete programming tasks
3) Assign tasks to other programmers as needed
4) Generate weekly progress reports.
5) Coordinate with game designer(me) to refine mechanics as needed.
6) Request resources as needed. I will work to fulfill those needs.

Current Team
Besides myself as the game designer, researcher, business planner and scenario designer, there are two part time C#/unity programmers available to assist you. Additional programmers can be made available as needed.

The Project
The project revolves around the wargaming genre. A turn-base game with a hex map using a WEGO system. So it's not a flashy action game, or FPS. The approach modernizes an aging genre, and designed to take advantage of current industry trends. The business model surrounding this is illustrated in the project brief I will make available at the end of this post.

Crowdsource Campaign
Lacking capital to truly jump-start the development process is a hurdle. One I believe can be remedied by a successful crowdsourcing campaign. At the moment the plan is to launch one by January.

Compensation Options
Aside from a negotiated profit-share percentage, funds generated from a crowdsourcing campaign will also be used to augment any compensation package. It is recognized that profit-share alone doesn't put bacon on the table. So, using the crowdsource funds to pay for time will help maintain an energized effort towards development. However, this does require a successful campaign.

Risk vs Reward
Like any investment, and here you're essentially investing your time, there is a chance the project won't succeed, or take longer than originally anticipated. However, if you come to believe in the project as I do, there is potential for a solid return on investment.

Here is a link to my current GDD that is continually being developed. It includes a link to the project brief which give some insight to the business plan and project scope. I encourage you to view it before making any final decision on whether to join or not.

Final thoughts
This is an ambitious title. It does require someone that can see the bigger picture and having some measure of business acuity will help with that. Communication is vital, and it is important to know that you aren't being asked to do anything beyond your skill-set. Experience in team-building or team management is helpful, but not required as I will help with that. What is truly desired is someone with knowledge in how to put a complete game together.

If interested in exploring more, I advise browsing the project brief shortly through the GDD, then dropping a line to discuss more. I am happy to elaborate on any areas, and answer any questions.
Thank you again for your time and consideration

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