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[PAID] Unity developer for VR prototype/3D character modeller
Hello there,

I am looking for a Unity developer and a 3D character modeller to make a short VR prototype (5 min max) for National Film and Television school project.

Unity VR developer: for this project I need to create a simple 3D environment with a gate, rocks, shore and river and 3 simple interactions with objects and characters.

3D characters modeller: I need one main character with roman toga who will talk for about 5 mins - already recorded -, 3 blank human 3D models that will endlessly run in a circle and another 2 that will be standing.

However, the deadline for this project is 11th November, so I am open to suggestions of what you think will be possible to make by then.
Free assets are fine. Also, you’ll be provided 3D asset packs and images reference.

You can work remotely and the budget is:
- £180-220 for the 3D character modeller
- £400-500 for the Unity developer - depending on experience 
Rates are negotiable.

Feel free to get in touch for more details.

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