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[PAID] For Hire - 2D Spine Animator - 3 years of Experience
Hello, i am open for commissions for 2D, Skeletal and Mesh based Animation using Spine, which is great for Game and Visual Novel Developments. Here are some of my sample works:

[Image: DMKIgz9.gif] [Image: 5ytyR7B.gif]
[Image: VOd3Mtl.gif]

[Image: FAQgrtv.gif]

you can check my other works and portfolio at

Commission starts from $15, client may provide their own asset for animation (preferred). asset(s) provided must be in either PSD or separate PNG files.

Service included are Rigging, 1 set of animation, and export to preferred file type (JSON, BIN, GIF, MP4)

Extra Charges may be applied for extra set of animations, starting from $5.

Other Extra Charge might apply if client don't provide their own asset.

Receiving Paypal/ Indonesian Bank Transfer (BCA) (Idr x12.000)

Contact me via email:, or discord at NachtEinhorn#4036

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