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[CLOSED] 3D Artist/Animator to create four themed barricades for topdown shooter.
Work is about 50% complete on an unannounced topdown shooter, set during a zombie apocalypse.

The core objective of the game is to build a barricade (done offscreen) which is used to separate the player character from hordes of zombies. As this barricade takes damage from zombie attacks, it will visibly deteriorate and eventually collapse. It will be your job to create and animate this barricade.

A total of four barricades are required:

  1. - Wooden planks/wooden boards (primitive, slightly degraded wooden material. Used in levels like Farm, Forest, Swamp)
  1. - Wooden construction crates/pallets (materials that could be found at a construction site or warehouse)
  1. - Metal planks/metal sheets/boxes (materials that could be found in a  city or industrial area)
  1. - Wooden military crates/sandbags (this barricade will be used once, for a level set in a military base)
  • - Dimensions: 0.7 to 1.0m high,  0.4 to 0.7m deep, 8m wide.

With three health stages (100%, 50%, 0%) including a quick and simple animation of the transition to each lower stage (wooden planks falling off, structure sagging, etc), plus a very quick and simple 'judder' played each type the barricade is hit by a zombie. 

To support you, you will have access to a design document, reference images, and ~100 store-bought 3d models for you to harvest meshes and textures from as you require. You'll also have 12 hour daily access to me, the solo developer of the game and with a 10 year background in IT (I'm also the creator of GameJobForum), via Discord for feedback and clarification.

The final platform is Unity 2017.4 PBR, PC/console. The animations could be done in something like Houdini, and then baked in. The modelling and animation software you use is completely up to you. Source files are required.

To apply, please send me your portfolio, and price range for the job. The job is ready to start immediately.

email: richard [at] subject: [your name] Barricade Freelancer

In a comment immediately below this, I will show where this ad has been cross-posted, and some reference images/examples of what I'm looking for.

Follow up:

A simplistic example of the type of animation I'm looking for: (though this example is from an ugly model, and from an unrelated developer)

A plethora of themed meshes and textures you can select from for the project (you will need to be able to export it from Unity - 2.4GB download)

Images from the game so far, using placeholder barricades
Thanks for your emails everybody.

I've selected an artist for the job and have let everyone know the outcome.

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