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[REVSHARE] (CLOSED) Team Wanted for a Rainbow Six Siege-like 4 Player Co-Op Twin Stick Shooter
ATTENTION: The following project application period is closed.

I'm a 2d Artist and Game Designer putting together a team for a game that should play like a twin stick shooter version of Rainbow Six Siege.

Open Positions:

-Sound Designer/Composer
-2d Artist

My portfolio
I've drawn all the animation shown and this is still early in the stages of development so it won't all look completely polished.
[Image: zvNYlmO.gif][Image: b3T6oC4.gif]

Up to 4 players will move from room to room eliminating hostiles and exploring the level. Players plan their attack going between rooms, and then execute those plans very quickly and deliberately. Players will be locked to the same screen, so local co-operative play will be possible and will also encourage teamwork as everyone moves through the level together.

[Image: u96cvIi.png]

The game will have an extensive cover system that supports a more low health, fast time to kill combat system. This differentiates it from most bullet hell twin stick shooters.
[Image: Kx1au1T.png]


My workflow plan is to put together the basic gameplay mechanics while implementing the human character sprites, and depending on how difficult that is we'll make a decision: make a game solely with human characters for a campaign set in a more current or at least recent setting like WW2, or if implementing more characters is feasible then adding 5 more character types and a longer campaign. A robot, and 4 other aliens.

[Image: oYXD38F.png]
These are the basic designs for the robot and aliens, but I still have some work to do refining them. If we decide to go with more characters then the setting will be changed to a futuristic space setting for a campaign that I've already done a full outline for.

Another decision to make is whether or not to have online co-op. If we find it feasible to do online co-op then I'd actually like to see if we can get up to 16 player co-op campaign play, with up to 4 different groups of players with 1-4 players per group.

After we've implemented the human sprites and have basic mechanics down, we'll make a simple gameplay demo and go to Kickstarter. To try to secure additional funding which we can use to help us reach a decision about whether or not to go with a longer futuristic campaign and online co-op.

If you have no experience or are just starting out, great! Anyone and everyone from beginners to seasoned industry veterans should be encouraged to apply to this project as long as you have a skill you're willing to put some time and effort into using to help the project progress. We're going to use royalties from game sales as payment for team members, and use Kickstarter mainly to acquire assets or contract workers that we may need and not have in our core members. If any team member requires payment during our main work on the project after putting together the demo, we can also factor that into the kickstarter.

If you're interested in joining the team, even if you think you have a skill that will help us that I didn't list, then contact me at the following. Preferably the discord.

PM me on this site.
My email:

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on this thread and I'll answer them.

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