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Character Artist / Illustrator Available
I am a professional artist since 2013 in Istanbul / Turkey. Illustration and character art is not only my job but it is also a passion and lifestyle for me.
I am a competent user of Adobe Photoshop, Zbrush, Quixel Suite for 3d material painting, Marmoset and Unreal Engine for scene lighting . 
Even though I create so many different kinds of visual arts.

My portfolio:
Feel free to send me an email:

All the best, 
Buğra Erke

Some examples of my works: 

[Image: bugra-erke-26ue4phase3.jpg?1534421517]

[Image: bugra-erke-jeff-marmoset-forshare.jpg?1528193746]

[Image: bugra-erke-deniz-marmoset3.jpg?1528457831]

[Image: bugra-erke-kaanstatue-drone-forshare.jpg?1528275633]

[Image: bugra-erke-anikaforshare.jpg?1528187146]
(09-01-2018, 02:34 PM)ModeratorAlpha Wrote: Hello, thanks for posting, I'd highly recommend embedding some of your top works (images or videos) in the thread here :-)

Okey. Thanks for your suggestion :)

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