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[CLOSED] [Position Filled] Unity Developer to work on 3D Topdown Shooter Features
Looking for a Unity Developer to implement specific features for a top-down 3D shooter set in modern-day America during a Zombie Apocalypse. The target platform is PC.

  • 3D Shooters (FPS or topdown)
  • Basic Animations (integrating pre-bought animations into game)
  • Basic AI
  • Can interpret requirements from a non-programmer (the game designer)
  • Can build scripts with inputs usable by a non-programmer (the game designer)
  • ideally has worked on a Unity game launched on Steam or is at least comfortable building games to Steamworks specifications

You will have a Design Document and existing prototype to work from.

Unity Collaborate is being used. 

There are three stages to the project. Core Gameplay, Feature Refinements, and Release Preparation. This if the first of those three.

Stage One (ready for you to start work on from 12th June 2018)

  • Aiming System
  • Player Movement
  • Add Semi-Automatic Weapon type
  • Animation Replacements
  • Barricade Targeting System
Stage Two (Estimated to start late July 2018)
  • Additional animations to integrate
  • HUD,  UI, Crosshair
  • Level Selection
  • Strategic mode (simple 2D looting and weapon selection system)
  • Language Selection
  • Game Options Menu
Stage Three (Estimated to start August/September 2018)
  • Steamworks Integration
  • Assetbundles setup
  • Others steps necessary for release including bug fixing.
If you're interested, send me a PM. I can offer further explanation and send a copy of the prototypes.
I'm a unity developer of 3+ years, having good experience with Shooters, you can check out my portfolio at:
Hello everyone,

I've found a Developer from this forum to work on the project.

Thank you very much for your interest.

There is some 2D and promo work art for the project that I will post soon.

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