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[CLOSED] Environmental Artist for 3 (small) vegetation-rich, outdoor, realistic topdown levels
Hi all,

This job is for an unannounced topdown realistic 3D shooter set during a zombie apocalypse in the USA. Editor version is Unity 2017.4.8, target platform PC.

I'm looking for an experienced Unity environmental artist / level designer / 3D Artist to work on the following:
  • Selecting and assembling textures and assets to create small scenes set in a farm, forest and swamp (3x levels total)
These levels are small - approximately 50 metres x 50 metres, and the camera is at a fixed pseudo-orthographic perspective. 

And, if you have the skills (otherwise these will be a separate, smaller job)
  • Create and animate a barricade

  • Make some edits to three zombie models in a 3D application to 'dismember' them, matching the design and setup of some other zombies
You'll need experience and a portfolio featuring outdoors scenes and vegetation.

You'll have access to a huge amount of asset packs bought from the Unity store, access to the WIP project via Unity Collaborate (20GB), and an account with GameTextures + the ability to buy from Quixel Megascans or elsewhere as required. There is a design doc and reference images.

Lighting and VFX is not required (however the vegetation should be given simple wind effects) nor is precise placement and finessing of everything in the level - I can do that myself (as such as much of your work as possible should be done and editable inside Unity - not other 3D programs - so that I can easily finish it off). I mostly need someone who can assemble the building blocks from the thousands of textures and 3D assets available and put them into a scene for me to finish.

Payment is milestone based, per level.

Here's an example of the work done so far:

(images have been removed now that the job has been filled)

To apply, let me know your price range for each level (this can be finalised once we've spoken, you have all the details and before you start), include links to your portfolio/resume, and email

Feel free to ask any questions here.

Hi folks, the position has been filled, thanks. If you want your portfolio on record for any future jobs, feel free to send me an email or reply here anyway.

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