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Looking for Competent Developers
An established company seeks competent developers that want to be part of a growing team,  and with several projects coming up we need all types. 

Able people that know how to use a computer, know data management, have worked professionally and know how to speak clearly.

If you are truly interested and have something to offer, please send information about yourself, what you have published or worked on, what software you know, etc. If you are not really clear about how to reply to a job post, this isn't for you.

Show me how professional you can be, and explain yourself, and in response I will explain what we have going on and how we'd like to work with you. 

We have published games, we have upcoming projects, we have an office, we are a real company. If you are curious, go look at the website, if you don't know what that is this isn't for you.

You can send your response to this email:

Thank you,
J. Nelson

(sorry if this post seems frustrated, you'd be surprised at how people respond to such posts and expect us to take them seriously)
I sent you an email, J.
Hi there,

I'm still not sure what it is you're looking for :/
Hello, I am interested, please check your email.
Sent an email! :)
Self-taught Unity programmer with 7 years experience. Portfolio:
@Luminous4D Maybe you would like to update the status of this post to Hired or Closed from Ongoing.
Since this is a four month old post, I'm going to close it off.

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