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[REVSHARE] Looking for a programmer to work with me on a mobile game
Thank you for all the interest in this project, the open position has been filled.

Update 10-2: Still looking for a programmer and updated images to reflect the current progress 

Hi there,

I'm looking for a programmer to team up with and work on a mobile game with me. I have made quite a bit of progress on the art side of things, but as I don't know much about programming I'm seeking someone to work with and make this into an actual game. I make this in my freetime so I don't expect you to work on it every day.

Objective of the game: you drive around in your RV looking for items you can pick up. As you pick these items up police cars will start to chase you and damage your RV by hitting it. Your goal is to pick up as many of those objects as you can before being wrecked. Once you are totalled you get points/credits based on how many objects you picked up. You can use the credits to buy faster, stronger RVs.

Some of the main things I can think of right now that's needed from the programming side:
  • car chasing AI
  • simple traffic (probably some cars going just following a pre-made path should do it)
  • menu system
  • mobile inputs
Here are some images from the current state of the project. Note that the police cars are not "functional", I just put them in there to illustrate how the gameplay could look like.

[Image: 3b9967d609.png]

[Image: 3b99acf461.png]

[Image: 3b998dfbc6.png]

[Image: 3b998a7a99.png]

[Image: 3b996b7542.png]

This is an old video of driving around the map, but I left here anyway. If you are wondering I used Edy's Vehicle Physics, so you don't have to make a vehicle controller.

If you are interested send me a PM for further discussion. Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!

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