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[REVSHARE] Need a 2D Artist to join the production on our mobile game
[b]What is 'Sketchers'?[/b]

The basic premise for the game is, you play as a piece of artwork that has jolted to life because its clumsy artist spilled water on its canvas. Now the artwork must try to escape the water in order to not be subjected to a watery demise.
The game is a 2D side-scrolling endless running Metroidvania-lite platformer that takes place in 5 unique worlds, each a different book that the artwork must escape from to be saved. To counteract the connection of endless runners on the mobile store, sketches have taken influences from Metroidvania games such as Hollow knight, Ori, and the Blind Forest, Mario Kart and Mario Run on IOS and Android. I believe it is by these things and the game's own twist that we can appeal to audiences of both the casual and core-gaming market.

[b]Who am I?[/b]

Unfortunately, not your friendly neighborhood spiderman, but I am an indie developer from the Caribbean who has had proficiency in project management, and formal training in animation and game design. This would be my first commercial project, and initially was to be solo, but I am a university student, regardless this is a project I will be investing more time into.

[b]What about you?[/b]

I need a [b]lead Artist[/b] who is proficient in 2D design, you do not have to have worked with mobile games before, but it would be ideal. You are responsible for the visual direction of the project, how the game will look you sculpt the face of the project. You will create assets, graphical interfaces and environments to attract potential players, investors, and publishers. This is a part-time gig and can have the potential of being full time once the necessary pieces are aligned.

Until we are funded, this position will not be guaranteed paid. I have been seeking investors to ensure payment for this position but like most things, we require a slice of life (Vertical Slice) to show we have the skills and competencies necessary to bring fruitful gains to their investment - this is not a guaranteed opportunity, and there are not 100% foolproofs.

In short, until we have funding, these positions won't be paid.

If you are interested, you can email me at studiosoftworks.5@gmail.com or private message me, or use my discord at official_boi#2032
Thank you for this opportunity, and I hope I have scared anyone way. On days without a global pandemic and stress, I am normally way more calculated and a competent leader.

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