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[REVSHARE] Updated! 2D & 3D artist required for driving game
I've designed a game with distributor interest, and will pay 10% of sales to 2D / 3D artists that are interested in being part of a team and helping create a finished product.

My background is in music licensing and I've also co-written a couple of tunes that were used in the In The Groove 2 arcade machine. Bloodrush and Ize Spy. Like most people in the music industry, people tried to rip me off when I first started so I've drawn up a non-disclosure agreement which you would need to sign before starting work on the game. I'm stating this up-front to show I'm serious about this project.

I have a friend helping with the graphics in his spare time. He's currently working on the road sections and I hope to have these by the weekend. Another friend has written a custom game engine and is also developing the in-world physics and npc AI.

Once the road sections are ready, we're going to start making the demo levels which involves creating parts of London using these sections and low poly 3D assets such as trees, buildings & street furniture.

I need the help of a 2D artist to design the box art and a Kickstarter banner. This could be a collaboration with my friend depending how far along he is.

I need the help of a 3D artist to create low poly landmarks, as the game is set in London. This may also be a collaboration, merely to speed things up.

If you can do both, then even better as you'll get 20% of sales.

Anyone who's interested should give me links to their previous work or, at the least, show that they have the necessary talent and understanding to help with the game.
The 2D artwork needs to be as good as current videogame Kickstarter banners. The 3D assets need to be basic but recognisable, as I want the game to run on older spec computers.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Please do not post Revenue Share jobs in the Paid Job forum.
(04-02-2020, 11:57 PM)ModeratorAlpha Wrote: Please do not post Revenue Share jobs in the Paid Job forum.
Sorry, this was my first post and I didn't know about a Revshare page.

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