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[REVSHARE] Looking for 2D and 3D Artists for Poke-Like game w/ very interesting/unique features
I have worked professionally in Unreal Engine for a year and have been a software engineer for 4 years. I am looking for a 3D artists to design Mostly Environmental Structures, like Foliage, Buildings, Lights, ETC, as Sprite artists to design tiles, and characters, for a Pokemon-Like Creature Game called CreatureCaps. There are a lot of interesting and Unique game mechanics that I think would have any fan of the genre excited, and I'm looking for talented, self-motivated, and passionate individuals to work on this project with me.  I plan to combine a tradition 2D Tile Based artstyle with toonish 3D Graphics and lighting for a VERY unique art style.  Floors, characters, and creatures will be 2D and Grass, Trees, Streelamps, ETC. Will be 3D.  

Video I took Inspiration From:

eply to this post or email with your resume/CV And/Or some of your favorite examples of your own work.

The job is unpaid until release at which point you will receive royalties.
Moved to revshare. Please keep the [PAID] tag and forum for paid jobs only.

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