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Looking for a programmer who needs help with 2d pixel art
Hello, i'm just kind of offering my services to anyone who may be interested, i really have the time to make something simple since this is my hobby i just want to expand my portfolio (2d pixel art), learn more about game development (especially programming a game), and maybe get some help with a project that i have in mind since i know nothing about programming, i don't have that much pixel art to show right now because i didn't though that i could do that much without knowing a programming language (and i definitely can't do both) what i have tho is some animations and drawings so at least you get to know my skills (i know the basics of animation and i feel pretty competent in my drawing skills but the only thing that i feel i don't have is something to apply it) so maybe from there we can start doing something, if you are interested i leave you my info.

Discord: mugen #4430

My work:
Hi, I've moved this to the Non-Commercial Collaboration section.

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