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[FREE] 『Open Source』Programmers needed for sci-fi themed multiplayer social game!
Welcome aboard Space Station 3D, when the clown is the most sensible person on the ship! 


Hello everyone! I'm rather new here so I'm sort of nervous to be posting this (this is my first thread!) but recently there's this new open source project whose Discord I’ve been active on and it seems really promising. They have a very vibrant community (I’ve never seen so such an active Discord with this many new arrivals before!) and are making some really substantial progress, have made new management changes recently, and have improved the production process for the programming and modelling pipelines. Overall, this project is highly promising and has a very bright future ahead of it, I’ve seen the work being done before my own eyes. The only issue is that we don’t have enough programmers! Alot of the programming work is done by a small number of people putting their heart and soul into it and while we’re making substantial progress, the scope of the project is very large (as I will explain shortly) and we need more people on the technical side of things to keep the project moving at a consistent pace. That’s why I’ve come to this forum to ask for help. That’s right, we need you to join the project and help us out if you want to.


Space Station 3D is a remake of an existing game called Space Station 13, another open source project with the aim to bring the mechanics of the original with better controls, presentation, and UI than the original. The jist of both SS3D and SS13 are the same: you, along with other players, are thrown onto a space station and are made to run it through the job assigned to you at the beginning of the game. The game follows a round structure with a specific objective given at the start of a round (i.e. make sure the space station doesn’t crash and burn by the end of the time limit or find the traitor on the station) and the round ends after the objective has been met. Different gamemodes have different objectives (as illustrated above) and sometimes random events like black holes or an alien infestation may occur during a round. There is also a deep chemistry system, surgery, and crafting system all associated with different jobs or departments on the station as well as a complex atmospherics system for regulating oxygen, heating, and gases within the station. SS3D will attempt to replicate all of this and, as you can see, it’s a very tough job.

Of course, the fun of the game comes from how each round never goes smoothly. There is always chaos abound and each game never goes the same way. SS13 has developed a substantial but small community that is very dedicated to it and it’s unique-ness. There is no game quite like SS13 and the closest game I can think of to it is an MMO like Star Wars Galaxies or EVE Online. It’s a very underrated gem and has lots of untapped potential. Now, you may ask yourself “If it’s so good and unique, why haven’t I heard about it? Shouldn’t it be popular? A game similar to Star Wars Galaxies out of all things is highly requested”. Well, the issue is that the game looks like this:

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

[Image: 1500085-gibbed__3_moon_facility_30_2010_...220417.png]

Yeah, it’s one of those games. It also has a control scheme that’s close to Dwarf Fortress’s in terms of inaccessibility. If a casual player interested in the games premise took one look at the games graphics and controls, they’d be turned off immediately. This isn’t me talking out of my ass, this is from first hand experience showing my friends the game. As you can see, it’s in dire need of a makeover and that’s exactly what SS3D is. SS3D is a remake, a new haircut for SS13 to make it far more approachable than it is now. That’s the team’s goal and vision and it’s what we as a community want to see accomplished.

Looking for

Programmers and technical artists

How to join

Join the Discord or go on the Github and get started. Both are available at the website. The current team list can also be found on the website.

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