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[PAID] ORO Audio | A boutique music and sound design production house
Hello all!

We are a small London based team of audio artists looking to get into some new and exciting game developments. We offer bespoke musical composition, sound design and integration into game engines using the Wwise authoring tool.

Depending on the scope of the work you might get one person working with you or the whole lot, but in any case we share our expertise with one another on every project. We believe that music and sound effects are an essential part of story-telling and strive to help developers tell their story truthfully, as they intended it.

Have a listen to our showreel (it has stuff from other lines of work, not just games)

Full portfolio can be found on the website as well.

If interested or have any questions drop me a line on

Thanks for reading,

Andrius, ORO Audio
Have listen to our Ambient SoundCloud playlist here:
Eight Waves, part of our Ambient Series:


Something a bit more upbeat and 8-bit/synthish

Some tracks from our soundtrack for Dodgeball Master 3D

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