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[ONGOING] Looking for NSFW Artist for 2D H Game
Hi there,

I'm a programmer working on a little NSFW game as a passion project. With Steam being the first high-profile game distributor opening up their platform for adult games, the market is still wildly untapped for quality, English, NSFW indie games. I'm currently creating a point-and-click crafting game that has the player creating a small village for attractive humanoids to move into. Through dating-sim style conversation, and RPG character-building benchmarks, the player can unlock H-scenes with characters as they level up their character. The big kicker is that denizens of your village can breed and multiply as time goes on, giving you an unlimited array of new denizens to interact with.

I mean in a nutshell: think streamlined, NSFW Animal Crossing meets Sim City but with cute anime catgirls. It's weeby. Maybe I am a weeb, although I don't think anybody I know would ever suspect that I'd be involved in a passion project like this.

Anyways, I'm taking care of all the programming. I just need a talented artist to help with:
  • general, overworld game assets
  • thigh-ups of dialogues with NPCs
  • NSFW animations
I'm doing this all in a retro, 2D pixel-art style (as is the norm for indie games). I can offer small contracts for deliverables, although I'm looking for a partner who'd be willing to split profits down the middle once the game hits online stores. I have a business plan ready that should hopefully give you an idea of how quickly we could turn a profit.

Feel free to submit your portfolio to as well as a small cover letter explaining why you're interested in this role. I am an easy-going, down-to-earth, 26 year old male who works as a professional software engineer for my day job. I plan on sinking about 5 hours a week into this project, and would like a partner who is looking to do the same.

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