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[PAID] Unity3D Professional Developer | 4+ Years of Experience | Multiplayer Services too
My name is Chris and I have been working on Unity for a long time on several and different types of projects,from small clients to big popular companies like KFC, KidZania, NURUN, VR interactive rooms, just to name a few.

I have a cheap rate compared to my experience (23USD/hour or fixed prices per project milestones as well).

I accept most cryptocurrencies as well.

VR/AR mobile and physical room experiences Mobile, PC games and several other freelance projects.

I am willing to relocate to a completely different place.
Or work remotely as well!

I have experience in everything Unity3D has to offer, editor scripting, Networking services, complex AI, Binary data serialization.
I’ve worked on several complex projects and my portfolio backs this up, thus, my code is efficient and clean, with knowledge about design patters as well.

With several backend technologies as well (Node, Express, MongoDB), User Authentication, etc.

Please check my portfolio and more information here in my website (Created by me as well)

Feel free to contact me Via my Website or DM.


- Chris Palacios

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