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[PAID] Searching for a Talented, Thoughtful and Ambitious Concept Artist
Hello community, 

We, Redbox, are currently in the process of determining the art direction for a stylish fast-paced dodgeball game that we are currently working on. While the gameplay will be highly dynamic and engaging, we are searching for a stylish, somewhat over-the-top and extravagant 2D (or potentially 2.5D) art style to act as one of the cornerstones of the experience itself. The ultimate theme we are looking for is a 'modern creative twist on retro pixel art.' Consider a game like Scott Pilgrim vs the World as a useful starting point. The following games are also very important reference points. When taking a look at them, imagine them but modernized (without losing too much of the classic feel):
  • All-Star Slammin' D-Ball (PS1)
  • Super Dodgeball Brawlers (DS)
  • Super Dodge Ball Advance (GBA)

We have created a document with much more information on the particulars of what  we are looking for. Here is a short sample: 
  • We would like a talented, thoughtful and ambitious artist to create a simple piece of concept art demonstrating what out vision could look like - we are looking for a really fresh feel that is bold, risky and strong
  • This will take the form of a simple scene involving a dodgeball match to demonstrate proof of concept 
  • Focus will be on sprite design, camera angles and colour
  • We will provide more details directly
  • This is a paid role


Thanks and look forward to hearing from you! It would be great to see some samples of your work or even just a series of thoughts, questions or ideas. 


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