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[REVSHARE] C#/Unity project - programmers sought for turn-base strategy game
Hi, thanks for looking.

Our project has need of some fresh new energy to round off the team. Experience with Unity and C# are necessary.

Front-end programmer - looking for help with UI layout and functionality.

Back-end programmer - looking for help implementing core mechanics.

Networking experience - to help assist in implementing basic PBEM play, and co-op team play.

The project - A WW2 themed turn-base wargame focusing on the daily immersive aspects of managing a war. We bring authenticly abstract warfare to the forefront of gameplay experience. Design is influenced by decades of wargaming experience, and direct influences come from games such as Hearts of Iron, TOAW, AGEOD games, and the War In the East/Pacific titles. Our goal is to fill current needs within the genre, to include co-op team play, mechanics that reduce micromanagement without sacrificing complexity, reduce the number of clicks each turn, and promote the most efficient end-turn resolution. A year of design and refinements have gone into the GDD. We utilize the World Strategy Map Kit asset to provide a starting foundation, and keep the visuals simple. The googledocs links below provide a brief look at the game concept through text and a chart, to include ground combat.

Game Summary *text*
[/url][url=]Game Summary *Chart*
Ground Combat *Chart*

Commitment - The project is considered a hobby project. We seek individuals who are looking for something on the side to work on. Contribute as many, or as few hours as you
want each week in helping progress the project forward. As a community project, we work on the tasks that need doing together, using each other as a resource. If you remain skeptical of rev-share projects, I encourage you to stay for 60 days, help us build to a kickstarter ready showcase version, from which we will launch a campaign.

Expectations - The project can only go as far as the people working on it will take it. Before you agree to come aboard, I invite you to see what has been done design wise, I want you to be able to visualize the project and believe in its potential. I don't want to waste your time, especially when under the umbrella of being a rev-share project. By joining the team you bring your experience, your knowledge and creative insights to a collective with a common goal. To quote a movie "If you build it, they will come".

The Plan -
The plan moving forward
30 days - develop MVP
60 days - develop kickstarter ready demo version (a showcase version only)
120-220 days - develop full game, design four scenarios.
Note: programmers won't need to be involved in scenario design, once the tools are in place, a scenario designer will build them for release.

Communication - We use discord as our central hub, with gitlab for version distribution, and trello to help manage tasks. All time zones are welcome.

About me - I'm a 38 year old disabled veteran in pursuit of his passion project. Despite lacking the capital to fund the project properly, I spend my free time pursuing alternative means such as profit-share, or can also be known as a commercial co-op. I opened a small business in 2011 and bring a business background to the project. I am self employed, and am able to spend 80 hours a week on research, scenario design, game design and aspects of business/project management.

I am happy to answer any and all questions about the project, and encourage discussion through discord. It is important for progress to begin that the project feels right for you. Contact me on discord at Atheory#0528

I appreciate your time

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