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[PAID] [For Hire] C# Unity Game Programmer with +6 years experience
Hey everyone, 
my name is Alireza Tarahomi and I'm looking for paid remote job (Full Time Preferred)
My experience is in Gameplay, UI, Editor, AI, Network (UNet, PUN, Node.js), Audio (Generative music by Pure data), Tools, Animation, Shader (Cg/HLSL/GLSL) and optimization programming. I always try to learn new things and technologies and strengthen those technologies which I've learned before by reading, searching and working on the field. I always learn things very fast and try to find best ways for programming because of performance and functionality.
I am unstoppable when it comes to crushing bugs and problems. While most programmers hate debugging, it’s my specialty.
I have knowledge about Design Patterns and try to use them in the best places.
I know how to write clean codes and make project architecture.

Previously I had a team and I was working on couple of games together but now I'm freelancer which I can work as a team member remotely or individual person.

I've played many games so far and in addition to enjoy them, I scrutinize them in designing so I can be helpful.

You can check out my latest project which I’ve worked on it. It raised 21K during presale and the goal was 20K.
Website / Video 1 / Video 2

You can check out my sample project in my GitHub to know more about my coding approaches and knowledge, also project architecture (And patterns) which I’ve used in this project.

You can check out my websiteLinkedIn and Unity Connect profile. Also it is my CV.

Contact me via

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