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2d artist: Rail Route - a rail network simulator
I'm looking for the artist generalist that is able to help us with all the graphical stuff in our game Rail Route - a rail network simulator.

We want someone very creative that can bring up unique 2d graphics without changing the current core concepts of the game.

We are looking for the individual only (if you are the graphic studio, don't contact me, sorry).

The work we need to be done:
  • new concepts & designs of the game elements

  • animations & particle effects, add eye catching juice to the game (Unity)

  • HUD design

  • cover images, promotional graphics

We are seeking long term partnership.
Please, play the alpha preview of the game and have already some cool ideas in your mind before applying.

Pm me offers, inc. portfolios and hour rate.

[Image: railroute-banner-itch.png]
I would like you to read my thread again very carefully a apply with all the requirements (not much of them, right?).

Otherwise, it's no go for me, sorry.

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