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[CLOSED] Logo, Game Logo, Promo Art, 2D UI+Maps, Steam Trading Cards.
Hi all,

I'm reviewing all of the portfolios I've received and will reopen the thread if needed.

I'll keep the post here for reference.

If you want to send me your portfolio anyway, feel free, I can record it for future reference in case anything else comes up. Though I'm particularly interested in experienced designers who have worked on games before.



Job 1: Company Logo - ready to start now

Skill level: starting-medium

  • Bespoke Company Logo (inspiration one two three)

  • Stylised Image of a Volcano + Company Name (Company name can use off the shelf font)

  • (Optional) Recommend a matching font (off the shelf) and colour scheme for use on website etc.

Job 2: Game Logo, Game Fonts - starting end of July.

Skill level: high

  • Bespoke Game Logo inclusive of a background

  • Design should work with and without the background, be able to be resized, have a portrait and landscape variation, be high resolution, and have room for testimonials

  • Windows pixel Icon

  • (Optional) Recommend a matching Font (off the shelf) and colour scheme for in-game main menus, game website, public announcements, trailer etc.- example

  • Fonts should work with English, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Spanish, German, Polish (this may or may not mean Unicode support - relying on your expertise here). These are the languages that the game will launch with.


[Image: 5fcYx0dtQBXX-IxXmt4Q4PudAE-HHiKQ1j5r5Uzk...ab7KdARwLr]

[Image: zku0s3ZZ6yz02TUC7EhUqi1MGAdBN3GFMuMWk8yV...KB3ng3WZBs]

Job 4: In Game 2D Art - estimated start August 2018

Skill level: medium

  • HUD: Weapon Outlines of 14 Guns; Bullets Remaining; Barricade Health % (inspiration)

  • 1x 2D World Map (medium detail - inspiration)

  • 12x 2D Area Maps (low detail - inspiration) including associated simple GUI elements

  • (Optional) Recommend a font (off the shelf) for use for in-game hand drawn maps

  • Recommend a colour scheme for this section of the game overall

Job 5: Steam Achievements, Trading Cards - estimated start September 2018

Skill level: starting-medium

  • ~10 Steam Achievement icons

  • Trading Cards (most likely renders of weapons, characters or environments - from existing game art)

  • Plus basically everything else required here (this part is a bit of a hygiene factor - you are free to experiment).

I am very interested in working on #3 and doing some promo art for you.

You can find my portfolio at

Best of luck!

I would be interested in #3 and #4


Thank you!
Thanks for your interest. Im going through the responses now.
Hi folks,

After some feedback from freelancers, some thought, and reviewing the submissions I've received, I've decided to combine Jobs #2 and #3.

Going forward I'll change the way I price the jobs. I'll still set a price reference, and share as much about the job as I can publicly, but allow the freelancer to submit a price range, and then once they have seen the details and are ready to begin, they can submit a final price.

This might lead to some price volatility for me, but I think its worth it for a freelancer that feels more engaged and in control of the task.

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