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[PAID] Unity C# Developer

Hey everyone, my name is Ethan Morrill-Ploum and I'm a second year computer science major with a passion for video games. I've been programming for close to 7 years and have been making games in Unity (C#) for roughly 5. I have lots of experience working on super small jam games as well as my own small projects and am confident that I can do whatever it is that your game needs. Inventory systems? Sure thing. AI? Yep. Character controllers? You bet! I'm available for anything from super small scripts or bug-fixes to part-time (hourly or milestone based) work over the summer, so if you think that any of this sounds like a good fit, drop me a line and we'll get to talking about your project!

  • Unity 2D [5/5]
  • C# [5/5]
  • Unity 3D [4/5]
  • Java [4/5]
  • Git [4/5]
  • HTML/CSS [3.5/5]
  • Javascript [3/5]
  • Oracle SQL [2/5]
Currently Learning/Little Experience
  • JSP
  • ASP.Net
My Portfolio

Contact Me

Discord: morrilet#2461

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