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[PAID] Junior Unity C# developer
My name is Semyonov Ilya, and I'm looking for a part-time or full-time remote job as a junior Unity C# developer. I do not have a ton of experience under my belt, but I do know my way around structuring my code, making good algorithms and using the right patterns for the right job, where applicable, and I'm eager to learn what I do not yet know. In my spare time I'm working on an idler, but right now I'm focused on paying the bills, so getting an actual job that I'd enjoy takes priority.

Skills and experience
* C# scripting in Unity - that's a given.
* Some experience in game design - working on an open-source project a while ago mostly in a game designer role; working as a full-time boardgame playtester involved a lot of it, too.
* English <-> Russian translating, editing, proofreading.
* Version control - git or mercurial.

None I could honestly speak of. The best I could do is provide a link to the mirror of the current state of the idler mentioned above: It's a bit of a mess, though - I'm trying to focus on getting the product out before getting myself bogged down in architecture; that said, generally I prefer to do things well to doing them quickly.

Availability and rates
I live in Moscow, Russia, GMT +3. I'm available for remote part-time, full-time ($15/hour for both), bounty/milestone-based work, or, if you by a stroke of luck are a studio in Moscow, any of these can be done on-site. I'm mostly active at around 7 am to 5 pm GMT, though that can be adjusted a bit upwards if necessary. 


Discord: Urist McDorf#9029

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