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[REVSHARE] Looking for Sprite Artist for 2.5D Bullet Hell Dungeon Crawler
Hello everyone!

I am the co-founder of Stupid Oakwood Studios, and we are currently working on a top-down roguelike bullet-hell game called Wroldenheim. The game has been in development for 3 months so far, and we are currently in need of an artist. Right now, we have a sound designer, a musician, a programmer, and a game designer. We just need an artist to get the game from the pre-production stage to the prototyping stage.

**"Wait a moment... what is this game even about? How do I know if I even want to work on this game?"**

Our goal is to develop a Bullet Hell game featuring a visually pleasing retro aesthetic while providing immersive and satisfying gameplay. Taking inspiration from the now-abandoned [Lost Crypts]( (initially developed by an old friend of mine), we are aiming to create a similar experience while expanding on the concept to make the game that Lost Crypts *should* have been. The popular MMO [Realm of the Mad God]( is another good example of the genre. Overall, we plan to take the concept of a Bullet Hell Dungeon Crawler and use it to create something brilliant and engaging. It should be noted that the game is still in a conceptual stage, so your input could help us improve our ideas even further.

**"This just sounds like a generic retro adventure game. What makes this one so unique?"**
At its core, we are attempting to provide a gameplay experience different from other prominent games in the genre. One key difference from the previously mentioned games is that ours will feature a multiplayer system more akin to Terraria or Minecraft, where anyone can host a server for friends or random strangers to join. Add to that the fact that we are designing the game’s codebase to be easily moddable, players will be able to add to the game as they see fit to greatly enhance its replayability, both in singleplayer or multiplayer.
Here is an example of a [W.I.P. forest-themed dungeon]( we have been working on.

**“Sounds interesting, will this be worth my time? Will I be paid well?”**

Don't worry! We work off a rev-share design with an estimated 3% of the game’s revenue will go towards funding our programmer(s). When it comes to games (or any project heavily based on exposure), it can be a gamble, but we do plan on using crowdfunding options once we get a working prototype of the game to showcase. After the completion of the game’s crowdfunding campaigns, payment works two-fold. Firstly, team members will be commissioned from our crowdfunded budget, based on how much the member’s work contributes to the project percentage-wise (we will have a list of content/features to be in the final game, weighted by estimated difficulty, plus some wiggle room using set-aside funds). Secondly, that calculated percentage will periodically be paid to project contributors as per our rev-share system. 

We appreciate feedback and work hard to listen to what others have to say. We're proud of our community, and we hope that you will feel the same.

**"How do we communicate and send files between each other?!"**

We host our own SVN server (similar to Github) to transfer files to and from each other. At least once a month, we try to host an organized meeting to discuss what is working and what isn't. We also make use of Discord to organize the project, using both text and voice chat as well as its screen sharing service.

**"Any more examples?"**

* [Dragon concept art](
* [Tileset Mockup](
* [And the playable classes side-by-side](
* [Here is a sample of the music scheme we're trying to go for]( Please note that this song is conceptual and will NOT be used as the final product for this game.

**"Cool! Where do I sign up?"**

You can send a PM (Private Message) to me; however, for a faster response, you may [contact us through our Discord server]( dedicated to this game.

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