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[PAID] Experienced 3D artist for racing tracks modelling
Job Description: 
Looking for an experienced level designer to create 8-12 realistic racing tracks for a '60 vintage mobile racing game. Tracks are already made but for copyright issues must be redone.
Quality must be AAA, so you must be experienced and you must know all the issues and peculiarities of making high quality content for a mobile racing game (you must be aware of all the optimizations required for this kind of work). 
Requirements includes light baking, shaders and colliders (separate for each part of the track) and LOD.
Everything must be done using real world scale. Also, a proactive attitude is needed (suggestions and improvements are very welcome, for example the new LWRP).
Ideally, you should be able to work on UI too, cause all user interface must be redone.
You are kindly asked to prove that you meet all these requirements with a sample work.
Right now the project is on Unity 2018 but I can move it to the latest version of Unity if needed. 

Skills Required:
Unity 2018 / 2019
Unity Shaders
Unity Lighiting
Unity LOD

Availability, Payment and Location:
You can be placed anywhere in the world, although a too far time zone (from UTC+1) can be an issue.
We will work using skype / Unity Collab.
For what concern the payment, we'll discuss it and you'll make a quote.
Willing to work on a per-asset or milestone basis (its better for you and safer for me).

Skype: michele.dilena
this is just to remind all the candidates to double check the requirements before applying for this job. I need a clear proof that you are able to make AAA quality racing tracks for mobile games (you have to have something in the portfolio to prove this).
Search is still in progress

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