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[PAID] Level Artist-Builder
Hi my Name is Andreas and i am the developer of a free cycling simulation VCS 

I am looking for an Artist/LevelBuilder who can build 1 Level with a road/mud path 20 Km to 50 Km and with props like trees stones building.

I can provide a big bunch of models and tools, or you can work with your own assets, or software.

My budget is limited to 100$ for the level, so i think it is a good Job for student or beginner.

Both is possible Terrain tiles, or FBX, i prefer FBX.

If you re interested you can send me a PN or mail

I use Unity 2018 and my Software looks so:

There are nice different tracks in the asset store of unity, but they are to short in my opinion.

For example:

Sent a PM :)

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