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[PAID] Competent Unity 3D programmers needed
Strange Games Studios is currently looking for competent Unity developers to work on our Honor and Duty franchise as well as a number of upcoming games. We're looking for talented programmers who may not necessarily have a lot of industry experience but are experienced with Unity and C#. We've been developing games for the PS4 since it's launch and are prepping to release games on the PS4's successor (we are not privy to anything yet so we only know what's been publicly released).  All of our games are now made for PSVR and are also working on ports of Honor and Duty to the Rift and Vive with the Quest still a possibility.

We're a small studio based in Atlanta and we work mainly with contractors on an hourly basis. We're not large enough to pay high rates so we look for more entry level programmers whose rates are more affordable. We are not looking to outsource our work to foreign studios. It seems we always get a lot of responses from remote studios and we are not looking for this so please don't send us your pitch, you will not get a response.

If you work with us, you'll learn a lot about high efficient coding practices, game architecture, and processes required to release on the consoles.

Here's what we're looking for:
Good coding practices
Very knowledgeable in C#
Minimum 1 year working with Unity
VR experience a plus.
Xbox One experience a very big plus.
Not part of a studio pitching outsourcing.
Speaks fluent English.
Lives in a Timezone coinciding close to US time (GMT -7 to GMT +2)
Wordpress experience a plus

We're currently working on the physical disc release of Honor and Duty: D-Day and it's port to the Rift and Vive. Once that's complete, we have several other VR games in the works as well as the installment in the H&D franchise which is slated to release on the next PS console (2020?).

If you think you might be a fit for what we're looking for, please send us a brief resume (nothing formal, we just need to see what you've done) to jobs at strange games studios dot com along with your hourly rate.


I can help you.

Kindly Email at Frank(@)cisinlabs(dot)com or S.k.y.p.e : cis.am3 .

I can be of help I still want to learn more I use unity c# and playmaker here is a game I'm working on here is my email if you like my work I can do better

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