Poll: Who is best to make a character controller in this scenario?
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Unity Developer
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Unity Animator
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Something else - I wrote a response
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I don't know
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Who makes character controllers - Unity Developer or Animator?
Hi folks,

Thought I would kickstart discussion in this subforum with a question also relevant to Game Jobs:

I have some rigged Zombies and a pack of high-quality animations from Mocap Online. I also have a fairly extensive character controller from the Unity template that I've been using as my game framework.

Now, I want to replace those template animations with the ones from Mocap online. This means things like walking and running, attacking, dying, and hit reactions.

What kind of person would be best hired to do this?

Would it be a Unity Developer, or an Animator?

There are no animations to create, just integrate.

Looking forward to your feedback!

And I'm loving the ability to post a poll so easily ;-) Can't do that on reddit.
Lets try to differentiate the two of them, Animator and Unity Developer.

An Animator animates the character by moving the meshes bones or creating 2D sprites/frames.

And a Unity Developer basicly uses Unity, in every aspect.

But, an Animator might not know how to use Unity, but an Unity Developer knows how to use Unity, and might also know how to animate within Unity.

An Animator might use different tools like Blender or Maya to animate, rarely Unity, but there might exist Unity Animators.

You might be looking for a Unity Developer who knows how to Animate or how to use the Animator tool.
Or look for an Animator that knows Unity and also knows how to animate in Unity.

Mostly, Unity Developer.
What @Thaun_ said. Unity developer is probably the best bet, but if you can find an animator or rigger that knows what they're doing then that would also work.
- rhetorical (Caleb)
Definitely a Unity Developer, an animator would be a good fit if they were also a unity dev or have experience with unity's animator system.
You need a programmer who has a good eye for compositing animations together, they exist and they are usually called game programmers. You can't just blend a bunch of mocap together and expect them to blend nicely together. In which case you may have to bring the mocap into an animation editor like Human IK inside of maya or motion builder and make sure the clips all work together sequentially making sure the poses in the end frames of each clip would blend together nicely. Also consider the flow of each sequence and how it relates to the flow of other animations so things don't look goofy or sloppy. But possibly you have already considered this.
Thanks for all the advice. I'm now looking for a gameplay programmer with the exact skills that you describe :-)


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