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[REVSHARE] Looking to Assemble Team for Fantasy-WWI CRPG
Hi everyone, like many of you here I've noticed a bit of a resurgence lately with the CRPG genre. Titles like the Divinity Original Sin series, Pillars of Eternity series and many others seem to be popping up like there's no tomorrow. I've had an incredible time playing them, the immense depth of character customization and creativity of quests never ceased to always leave me wanting for more. This has left such an impact I've taken it upon myself to start thinking up and designing my very own CRPG, set in a fantasy world inspired after the period in time from about 1890-1920. This era has always fascinated me; it was the death of the old world, brought about by the clash of old ideals and new technology, the dying breath of a way of life long since forgotten. It's my intention to capture this zeitgeist in a way that's both fun for players to play and developers to create.

Now I understand how much of an absolutely monumental undertaking this all is which is why I'm looking for as much help as possible. Personally I'll be able to help with game design/project management, programming and a bit of writing if need be but I'm looking for people who can assist with anything else or who can do what I can but better (which honestly shouldn't be too hard). I don't have anything to offer monetary wise up-front but I'd be more than willing to work out a revenue sharing plan with whoever's interested. Crowdfunding's also always an option, although I feel like there should be something tangible before we start to go down that route lest we fall in the same trap that so many others have fallen before. I've recently begun working on a basic GDD for a playable demo, it's only a table of contents at the moment and not yet complete but hopefully it should communicate some of the ideas I'm trying to get across. For those interested here's a link:!TUoiBKSK!2DZXVzW3GPyJp...eswKIPtys0

Thank you to everyone who took the time out of their day to read this, if you have any questions or inquiries regarding the game please feel free to ask I'll try to answer them as quickly as possible.

Best Regards

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