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Film/Game Writer, looking for experience.
Hey everyone! I'll keep this brief so as to not waste any of your time.

I'm currently in my second year of college, studying Narrative Strategies and Design for my major (Radio/Television/Film), and I'm trying to engage with various gaming communities to get some writing experience in the game industry. While I have written several scripts for various short films (though, mostly school projects), the bulk of my experience so far consists of short story writing pieces. Overall, I'm looking for a way to put some of my writing skills to use in the game development scene (whether it's script or lore), as well as to learn how to improve my writing in the future.

If there are any creators out there looking for help with story writing (even if it's just filling in parts of the world/lore), I'd love to get the chance to work with you! 

Thanks for your time!
Hello, do you have an online portfolio or writing samples? What are your contact details?

Be good to list this in your post.

I'll send you a PM also.

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