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[PAID] Looking for a 2D artist/animator
If you are interested in this project please email me at with your portfolio

Who I am looking for:

An impassioned artist/animator who's willing to commit to a project for several months. I want to give my artist a ton of input on how the game looks, so nothing is set in stone in terms of art-direction or setting. My hope is to find one main artist to partner with, and that this can become as much your project as it is mine.

About the Project:

Our game is a co-op, top-down, action-rpg. The style of the action in this game will likely be pretty familiar to you (see games like: Hades, Hyper-light drifter, Titan Souls), although there’s a few elements that set this game apart from others in this category. First of which is the 2-4 multiplayer. Second is a story that revolves around the players’ choices (sort of like a simplified version of what you’d see in the Witcher, but with all 4 players weighing in. Another comparison would be the encounters in Gloomhaven if you happened to have played that).
The last element is a parallel turn-based strategy game that takes place in an overworld map in-between action segments: I won’t go into too much detail here, but you are vying for territory against an ever-encroaching threat. On the map you can choose a location where your playable characters will explore/attack/defend in a given turn, while using resources they’ve acquired to build defenses/settlements/upgrades. There is a rougue-lite element to this, where if your character dies your enemy will get a few free turns to wreak havoc on the over-world, setting you back while you “recruit” another group of playable heroes.
The game that directly inspired me to start this project is called “Moon Hunters”. It’s a small co-op indie game which--despite its flaws and lack of online functionality--sold incredibly well on steam. To be honest I wasn’t very impressed with the game--it felt shallow and repetitive--but it had potential and was conceptually super interesting: it billed itself as a “personality test”, and while I don’t think it delivered on this promise, it was an interesting hook that influenced my decision to buy it. I think this game highlighted a niche market and a desire for a game of this type. If we can take this framework and improve on it I believe we’ll have a hit. I’m happy to explain any and all game elements in greater detail, but that’s probably enough for this post.
[b]tldr;[/b] A rougue-lite action rpg with strategy elements and a reactive story that challenges the player to think about their choices and involves an invisible, interactive personality test.

About Payment:

I want any artist that comes on board to feel fairly compensated for their work, so I'm happy to discuss exact numbers with you privately and offer full transparency on the matter. My finances are in order to the point I can work on this project essentially full-time, and I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is to show that this is a serious project. I am happy to negotiate a commission per month (or per quantity of work, depending on your schedule). If you are interested in either revenue sharing or a hybrid option between a commission and a rev share, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm sure we can come to an agreement that we both find fair and reasonable.

About Me:

I'm a game-dev hobbyist with about 7 years of experience. I've created several small projects with features such as networked multiplayer, custom physics, AI decision trees, and other overly-complicated elements using C#. That said, this project will be comparatively easy for me in terms of coding complexity.
The majority of my time working has been geared towards learning or working on a long-term project, but I have compiled a psuedo-demo reel of various solo-projects of mine just to offer evidence of my competency using major dev tools like Unreal Engine and Unity. Keep in mind that most of these were not actually meant to be seen by anyone, and that I am by no means an artist so many of them are visually lacking.

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