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[PAID] Unity Programmer and Game Designer for 2 Years | General Programmer for 4 years
Hi! My name is Bryan Irvine, general programmer for 4 years, Unity programmer and game designer for 2 years. I'm open to any kind of gig at the moment, from a short-term gig to build a game prototype / demo, to a long-term job working on a project in a full-production cycle. I live in Los Angeles but I'm open to working remotely. If you'd like to see some of my work, you can check out a reel of my favorite projects below:

Since I'm just starting to pick-up clients and because I have no testimonials to vouch for my work, my open-for-business starting rate will be a little cheaper until I get enough positive testimonials to showcase.
  • Consultations are free.
  • $25 USD per hour for actual game development; that's supposed to be $1,000 USD per week on a 40 hour work schedule but I'm willing to provide a flexible salary for a longer-term project

Contact me with a direct message here or email me at
Looking forward to hearing from you!

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