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[PAID] Need sprites and tileset for my game
Hallo Community,

I am a hobbyist gamedeveloper looking for some cool art for my new game.
Here you can visit my website:

At my last game I created all the graphics myself, but due to lack of time, I need someone who can do the job for me. And for this project I need another graphic-style which I can not reach myself.

About my current project:
A topdown/horror/scifi/squad/tactic-shooter. If you know the film "Aliens", it is a direct template.

What I need to create the first milestone (Demo):
It is just a rough overview, not to detailed at this point.
- One tileset with a few different walls, different floors, doors, some props.
- Three different Spacemarines (player) sprites with different animations and two different weapons per Spacemarine. It should be split into 3 parts (body with head, arms with weapons and foot).
- One Alien (enemy) sprite with different animations and also split into 3 parts.
- A few different blood, weapon-fire, explosion sprites.

Depending on the feedback of the demo, I will expand the whole game and need more graphics, but that we will see....

How should the graphics look like:
- Straight topdown (only one view for the sprites)
- HD Vector graphics, best in Illustrator-Format that I can do some small changes for myself, if this would be possible.
- A dark and dirty horror mood should be suggested.

And now the big question:
Who is interested to work with me?

Btw. sorry for my not perfect english, it is not my motherlanguage...

Best regards
Tobias Gaertner
Hello, I'm interested.

This is my portfolio

I charge 10$/hour.

You can also reach me by mail or discord: noisechip#8773


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