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CTO of VRMello - KennedyVRMello - 10-08-2018

 I am working on a virtual reality real estate startup called VRMello with a friend. We are a growing company that is in need of a CTO. We need a person who is good in CAD design/3D specialist, senior app and web developer, simulated reality experience designer/developer. If the person is a right we are looking to give them a piece of equity and budget to hire help to take our app and website from the prototype phase to a fully functional product. This person must be able to live and work full time in Los Angeles thanks!

RE: CTO of VRMello - kaushik - 10-09-2018

I do have experience of working on AR and VR using Unity with Vuforia SDK, ARKit and ARCore. I wish I could have worked with you but the location is the problem.

If you need any help with Unity programming, or 3D art and animation, I can do it remotely.

Anyway, best of luck for your search.